Orange 2017-2019 Ivory Coast Home Jersey

As the manufacturer of Ivory Coast national football team, Puma and Ivory Coast national football team have published the latest 2018-2019 Ivory Coast home jersey jointly ahead of the African Nations Championship. All enthusiastic football fans could put on the latest orange Ivory Coast football shirts through the whole 2018-19 season, showing their love and support to the great Ivory Coast national football team. In addition, many football shirts of other national football teams could be found on the website Because of limit number of the brand new orange football shirt, all football fans do not miss the excellent opportunities to get the most cost-effective football shirts. It’s also a necessity for a die-hard football fan of the Ivory Coast team.

In order to represent profound football history of the Ivory Coast team, Puma have made great contributions to design artistic jerseys for the team, and derived inspirations from the team’s history and their country’s culture. The latest orange home jersey 2017/19 is no exception. The outlook of the Ivory Coast home jersey is predominately orange, which is decorated with a bold and abstract elephant on the front. It is elephant that people have regarded it as the symbol of the Ivory Coast national football team. Besides, the green abstract team crest is stitched on the left chest while the white puma logo is printed on the right chest. Some main characters of the orange Ivory Coast jersey is as follows:

Orange main color

Green and white stripes around collar

Abstract elephant pattern on the front

Team crest and Puma’s logo

Two short sleeves

Round collar

The orange home jersey is adorned with a round collar, which is around by white and green trims, and two orange short sleeves. White Puma cat is also printed on a sleeve. We will provide you the orange Ivory Coast home jersey in all adult sizes. Football fans could put on the football shirts in all home fixtures whether in front of TV or on stands.

In order to improve comfort of the football shirts, Puma also innovated in advanced technology. The dryCELL technology is the unique technology created by Puma, which aims at facilitating the evaporation process of perspiration. At the same time, the new technology also allow more air flow into the football kits to keep your body cool and dry.

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Ivory Coast Home Jersey 2014 Orange

As a die-hard football fan of the Ivory Coast national football team, I have always pay attention to the publication of new Ivory Coast football shirts. Now I would like to introduce some basic information of the 2014 orange home jersey. The shirt has been unveiled by Puma and Ivory Coast national football team jointly ahead of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. All enthusiastic home football fans could wear the 2014 FIFA World Cup home jersey throughout the whole season and in all home fixtures of the football team. Some main product information are as follows:

Predominately orange main color

Round collar

Exquisite orange piping

Green team crest and white Puma logo

Two short sleeves and two white Puma logos on shoulder panels

Subtle pattern on shoulders

100% Polyester

Advanced DryCELL technology

Since the Ivory Coast national football team having qualified for three consecutive FIFA World Cups, Ivory Coast national football team ended a game against Senegal side with a draw. The consequence is dangerous for the football team to ensure participation at the 2014 FIFA World Cup. The football fans will be proud at the World Cup. Similar with previous competitions, Didier Drogba will direct and lead the team in style as the captain of the team during the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Adopting traditional main color of Ivory Coast’s home football kits, the 2014 Ivory Coast home jersey is adorned with round collar in orange; subtle pattern on shoulder panels also adds a tint of modernity into the whole design; two white Puma cats are printed on two short sleeves; the green team crest of Ivory Coast side is stitched on left chest while the white puma cat is stitched on right chest; the silver star above the green elephant-shaped crest represents the honor having won at the African Cup of Nations in 1998. Ends of the orange home jersey are finished with exquisite orange piping. The whole design style is clear and concise.

The special moisture-wicking fabric is engineered by state-of-the-art technology DryCELL. The DryCELL material is helpful in wicking and discharge perspiration from the surface of your skin, which could help footballers excluding interferences outside.

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