Jean Michaël Seri

Although having experienced riotous trip, the Ivorian argues that he will also keep bold when confronted fixtures. Since he devoted himself to the football career, Jean Michaël Seri has accustomed to comparisons and compliments. When he was young, the young footballer ventured across the capital to Centre Cyrille Domoraud, which is a suburb on the eastern side of Abidjan. Second to Marcelo Gallardo, he got the nickname “Galla”, and then the youth moved to Monaco and established himself on Ligue 1.

Later, he gradually cut the striking figure in France and some observers analyze the guy’s style. The most flattering compliments sounds similar — the quality attracting Barcelona midfielder and World Cup winner. Even at present, those remarks and assessments will also leave him happy and joyful. Those compliments are extremely good rewards for his boldness and skills. He also says, “One could not give full play of true potential in case one reject to try things on football. You have to propel things and estimate risks carefully.” In the event that one could not do such things, he could not mature into a football star.

From barefoot football playing on streets to combating with Fulhalm, his eye-catching performances convince most people of his talent and ability. In recent days, the youth is nicknamed as “Mica” down at Craven Cottage, in which he could give a full play of his talents in Premiere League. In the current stage, it is the possible last year to stay at Nice for Seri. When he was young, the young guy stared playing football in hometown.

Their spirits and actions encourage us most to play on earth and grasp the essence of controlling football. It’s a best way to learn how to control football with barefoot. During his childhood, he always tries to play with bigger boys. The most important thing amid football playing with bigger boys falls on intelligence rather than strength. The only resolution to tackle such problems is speed– quicker reaction, quicker reading and faster running.

At the age of 16, he accomplished his debut prior to transfer to city rivals Asec Mimosas. Both Africa Sports d’Abidjan and Asec Mimosas are the too biggest football clubs in Ivory Coast. So it is unsuitable to sign with rivals. He was glad to stay with the most decorated club in Ivory Coast, in which some footballers like Touré brothers and Salomon Kalou have leaped to prominence. At that moment, he earned the cap for the national senior squad for the first time while some critics expressed concerns about his burgeoning talent.

Seri won a short-term contract for short-term trial at Porto, in which he received training with footballers like James Rodríguez and João Moutinho. But it only turned out to the B side. Having finished third in the League, Paços de Ferreira offered him a first-team involvement, and then Seri managed to establish himself as a deeper-lying midfielder, performing well under the guidance of Paulo Fonseca.

Orange 2017-2019 Ivory Coast Home Jersey

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Orange main color

Green and white stripes around collar

Abstract elephant pattern on the front

Team crest and Puma’s logo

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Round collar

The orange home jersey is adorned with a round collar, which is around by white and green trims, and two orange short sleeves. White Puma cat is also printed on a sleeve. We will provide you the orange Ivory Coast home jersey in all adult sizes. Football fans could put on the football shirts in all home fixtures whether in front of TV or on stands.

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Orange 2016-17 Ivory Coast Home Jersey

Ivory Coast national football team, nicknamed as “The Elephant”, is the representative of the country in international football, which is supervised by the Fédération Ivoirienne de Football (FIF). Up to now, their greatest success counts for the winning of the 1992 African Cup of Nations. They have won the football game over Ghana on penalties at the Stade Leopold Senghor in Dakar, Senegal. Besides, the second success of the Ivory Coast national football team counts for the winning of the 2015 football match, in which the Ivory Coast side defeat the Ghana team again. Although it has qualified three World Cups in a row, the Ivory Coast side failed to compete in further links of World Cups.

In the history of the Ivory Coast national football team, there are several famous football players who have played for the team in Europe, such as Emmanuel Eboué, Doumbia, Gervinho, Aurier, Wilfried Zaha, Salomon Kalou and Kolo Touré. For the sake of excellent performances and and honors having won at the 2015 Africa Cup, the Ivory Coast national football team is widely regarded as one best football team in Africa in the last decade. The FIFA ranking of the Ivory Coast national football team also gives evidence for this idea.

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Orange main color and green details

V-shaped collar

Two short sleeves

DryCELL technology

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Following the traditional color scheme of the football team, designers of the 2016-17 Ivory Coast takes orange as the main color of the home jersey, showing respects to their football history. Adorned with V-shaped green collar, front of an Ivory Coast home jersey is stitched with Green team crest on left chest while the white Puma cat is printed on the right chest. Two wide green stripes are printed on shoulder panels of two short sleeves, and these two sleeves are finished with green and white hoops. Words “Côte d’Ivoire” are also printed on back collar to show prides of the Ivory Coast national football team.

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Ivory Coast Home Jersey 2014 Orange

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Predominately orange main color

Round collar

Exquisite orange piping

Green team crest and white Puma logo

Two short sleeves and two white Puma logos on shoulder panels

Subtle pattern on shoulders

100% Polyester

Advanced DryCELL technology

Since the Ivory Coast national football team having qualified for three consecutive FIFA World Cups, Ivory Coast national football team ended a game against Senegal side with a draw. The consequence is dangerous for the football team to ensure participation at the 2014 FIFA World Cup. The football fans will be proud at the World Cup. Similar with previous competitions, Didier Drogba will direct and lead the team in style as the captain of the team during the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Adopting traditional main color of Ivory Coast’s home football kits, the 2014 Ivory Coast home jersey is adorned with round collar in orange; subtle pattern on shoulder panels also adds a tint of modernity into the whole design; two white Puma cats are printed on two short sleeves; the green team crest of Ivory Coast side is stitched on left chest while the white puma cat is stitched on right chest; the silver star above the green elephant-shaped crest represents the honor having won at the African Cup of Nations in 1998. Ends of the orange home jersey are finished with exquisite orange piping. The whole design style is clear and concise.

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